Experts in testimonial content and the power of endorsement

No longer is creating an emotional connection enough for a brand to create a connection with their consumer.

Consumers demand more knowledge. They want to make educated, considered purchase decisions.

And it’s here that Buchanan Group provides brands with unique and powerful solutions.

About Us


As the pioneers of 3rd party advertising, we create unique, identifiable advertising platforms backed by compelling intellectual property and data-driven insights to drive purchase behaviour.

Our advertising platforms are world-renowned for delivering incredible sales-results and marketing ROI.

With iconic platforms including Brand Power, Medifacts and Zoot Review, we’ve developed over 2,000 campaigns for many of the world’s largest CPG manufacturers.

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Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is an online community of grocery shoppers, who trial grocery products in their home, sometimes with and among their close friends, before buying.

The community is empowered to give uncensored ratings and reviews on the grocery products they trial, giving clear direction as to the quality and value of products.

Home Tester Club is a channel for gaining trial of new and existing products, and an engine for generating positive word of mouth and marketing content that consumers will believe and trust.

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Digital Content

Connecting with your consumer through engaging video content online is the expectation, not the exception.

But telling, extending and amplifying your brand or product’s unique story requires a unique approach. That’s why we created DigiBee Studios.

Our global network of dedicated studios draw on our collective experience and expertise to create and execute on-brand digital content that not simply provides you with some video content, but also tells your unique story.

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