Medifacts launches in France.


Medifacts, Buchanan Group’s globally-proven sales-driving platform for OTC brands, has been officially launched in France. As part of the WPP network, Buchanan has partnered with Church & Dwight to produce a television commercial to educate consumers on the benefits of its Replens product.

Speaking about an often unspoken-about ailment – vaginal dryness, the 19 second Medifacts spot will air for two months across France, on multiple channels. Rational, fact-based communication about a solution to an issue that all too often goes unaddressed.

Such is the educative power of this third-party platform. Able to more deeply inform in a way traditional advertising can’t, with the credibility of a voice once-removed from the brand itself.

But Medifacts hasn’t just been a fitting platform for Replens. In fact, Buchanan have worked with Church & Dwight, producing seven campaigns across four markets in the space of 12 months. While working an ad-hoc model for the majority of its contracts, this repeat business is testament to Buchanan’s commitment to its clients and their clients’ sales results.

A global pioneer of third-party advertising, Buchanan Group is now supporting brands in France, offering highly cost effective and accountable communication platforms beyond Medifacts alone.

Brand Power – the educative advertising platform for FMCG products.

And Home Tester Club – the highly engaged online community of more than 1.8 million shoppers helping brands generate ratings and reviews, invaluable insights and UGC. In turn, and thanks to Buchanan’s production expertise, this is amplified into digital and tv content.

Colgate-Palmolive, L’Arbre Vert, Pilot Pen, Wunder2, Lavazza - just a few of the brands that have used Home Tester Club since it launched in France. All have experienced the same campaign success as Buchanan’s global clients, the likes of which include Unilever, L’Oreal, Nestle, GSK, Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

Jeff Mimery