To drive sales, brands need more than their own voice. They need the voices of others.

See how Brand Power and Medifacts give credible, independent testimony to grocery and pharma products.

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What it offers.

Creative &

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Why it works.

Independent delivery of
rational information

Independent presenters, a credible tone-of-voice and a commercial structure that accommodates tiers of information supported with supers and animations. Combined these instil trust and reliance on the commercials as a source of impartial information, which drives immediate sales.

Flexible within

The powerful, long-standing equity in the Brand Power and Medifacts templates, and consumers’ relationship with them, means they can be tailored to accommodate your unique needs.

Complimentary or stand

Brand Power and Medifacts commercials are credible, persuasive and cost effective whether used as stand-alones or as sales-driving supplements to traditional brand campaigns. By doing the ‘heavy lifting’ of communicating rational features and benefits, your brand communications can do what they do best.

The proof.