Case Study

Solpadeine gets the
Medifacts treatment.
And highest sales in 15 years.

Why did Solpadeine need another voice?

When Omega Pharma acquired Solpadeine, it set to not only regain, but surpass the product's former market share within the acute pain category. With a complicated formula and mode of action, achieving this sales-turnaround would take a compellingly simple, educative platform.

What voice did we give them?

A 30 second Medifacts commercial, anchored by an independent, pharma-credible third party presenter, and disarmingly simple how-it-works product animation.

Who listened?

The Solpadeine Medifacts commercial aired for 21 weeks and sales increased by 11.1% - the highest market share in 15 years. Today it is the UK's number one pharmacy-only pain relief brand.