Case Study

Nipaxon & Bromhex
restore sales health
with Medifacts.

Why did Nipaxon & Bromhex need another voice?

In Sweden, 1/3 of cough sufferers were not treating, and 1/4 of consumers were mistreating their cough. Johnson & Johnson needed to educate the consumer around the different types of coughs, and the efficacy of their unique and tailored treatments, in Nipaxon and Bromhex.

What voice did we give them?

Medifacts provided Nipaxon and Bromhex with a credible voice, to educate consumers on the differences between a “wet” and “dry” cough and the importance of using the right treatment in order to get fast, and effective relief.

Who listened?

After seeing year on year declines of up to -2.3% and -6.8% in both unit share and share per point of distribution, respectively, Nipaxon experienced lifts of up to 4.7% and 19.5%, after going to air with their new Medifacts communication.