Case Study

Nicorette butts out
competition with
Brand Power.

Why did Nicorette need another voice?

With the noise of competitors increasing within the smoking cessation category, Nicorette needed to ensure its NPD story was heard over Thrive’s. It would take an authoritative source to help drive sales for their new Mini Lozenges product.

What voice did we give them?

30 second and 15 second Brand Power commercials, with the compellingly credible voice of a third-party presenter, to highlight Mini Lozenges RTBs and leverage the powerful brand equity of the Nicorette name.

Who listened?

With a 16 week media plan that targeted those predisposed to making and endeavouring to keep new year’s resolutions, from December to March, Brand Power increased Nicorette’s average sales by 111%. And all the while, Thrive’s stagnated.