Case Study

Johnson & Johnson.
Ratings & Reviews.

Why did Johnson & Johnson need
another voice?

Sometimes, a brand’s voice isn’t enough. J&J wanted to leverage the voice of the consumer in the form of ratings and reviews. Through Home Tester Club’s powerful targeting ability, hyper-targeted consumers received products from J&J brands in exchange for leaving their honest opinions online. Those ratings & reviews were then syndicated through Buchanan partners (Bazaarvoice and Power Reviews) from Home Tester Club onto brand websites and retailer websites to help J&J win in the Ecommerce space.

What voice did we give them?

Home Tester Club gives brands access to the voice of the consumer. Brands often don’t have direct access to real, targeted, engaged consumers to solicit feedback on brands and their hundreds of products. By getting J&J products into the hands of the exact consumer audience they wanted, an average of 85% of consumers who received products left ratings & reviews, most of which were extremely high quality reviews.

Who listened?

Over 80 different SKUs and over 100 products per SKU were sent out to Home Tester Club community members. With the content being syndicated onto each brand website, all major retailer websites, and 25% of members’ Facebook networks, J&J received millions of consumer generated content impressions. J&J also received a minimum of an 8 out of 10 Home Tested rating on all products tested, in addition to other valuable insights and claims, which are being leveraged in brands’ marketing materials.