Case Study

Swiffer cleans up with
Brand Power.
First in Canada,
then in the U.S.

Why did Swiffer need another voice?

Swiffer Wet Jet had been experiencing a steady three-year sales decline in Canada, and needed to re-engage consumers who, though aware of Swiffer, didn’t understand its benefits and why the Wet Jet was superior to the typical mop-and-bucket. Working against Swiffer was the much lower price point of the mop and bucket ($5 versus Wet Jet’s $30), and the fact that the busy household shopper simply doesn’t have time to consider cleaning alternatives while balancing their hectic schedule. P&G needed to educate consumers on how the Swiffer Wet Jet works and why it’s better.

What voice did we give them?

Through the rational voice of one 30-second Brand Power TVC, we were able to effectively visualize the streak-free and no mess benefits of Swiffer Wet Jet via side-by-side comparisons to a micro-fibre strip mop. We also leaned on Home Tester Club’s database of shoppers to gain insights into the most common ‘pain points’ facing consumers when using a mop/bucket. These struggles (heavy buckets, dirty water, wringing out mops, etc.) were highlighted in the opening scenes of the TVC, bringing Swiffer to the forefront of consumer’s minds as an easy and effective cleaning solution for all finished floor surfaces.

Who listened?

During a test in 2016, Swiffer Wet Jet experienced over a 20% sales lift and their first positive growth period in years. This prompted continuous use of the spot nationally in both Canada and the US, along with similar Brand Power work via the North American Mr. Clean and Febreze brands.